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Network Emulators - Our Background

GigaNet Systems was founded by a group of industry veterans dedicated to delivering what our customers need. Our management team brings over 30 years of impairment technology and business experience from companies such as Anue Systems and Spirent Communications. In fact, our CEO led the development of the industry's first FPGA-based network emulators at Anue Systems - including the Anue GEM and Anue XGEM (now known as IXIA GEM and IXIA XGEM following the acquisition) - our head engineer was instrumental in developing the architecture for the Anue emulators, and our marketing and product management is led by the same person who drove the GEM and XGEM emulator business at Spirent Communications.

We know just how important it is that your product performs as expected. Your customers demand that it will perform as promised, and rightfully so. Any downtime or misleading test results will cost them dearly. And, when your customer is unsatisfied, you can bet that it will start to impact your bottom line.

We also recognized the need to create next-generation products that address the shortcomings of existing network emulators as our competitors lost focus on these products. And that's why GigaNet Systems was founded. We are making a commitment to our customers and ensuring that you not only have the tools needed to test effectively but also that, in doing so, you can ensure that your products exceed your customers' expectations.

Our customers tell us that also impacts the bottom line - but in the way they want it to.

VirtualNet GE - 1G Ethernet Network Emulator

VirtualNet XG - 10G Ethernet Network Emulator

VirtualSAN - Fibre Channel
SAN Emulator
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