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Even with all their advances, networks continue to be imperfect. Every packet will face different bandwidth, delay, and other impairment conditions on its journey between point A and point B. And your solution must perform better than any other under these challenging conditions.

Unfortunately, many organizations continue to overestimate the abilities of their current test setup to stress and validate their solutions against real-world scenarios. Simply put, unless you are testing with a network emulator - and the right network emulator at that - you will never know if your solution is as good as your competitor's.

GigaNet Systems line of network emulators offer the industry's greatest accuracy and performance to precisely mimic real-world scenarios and ensure that your tests, and your results, are repeatable and reliable.

Unlike most other network emulators, GigaNet Systems high-performance network emulators use customized ICs to process network traffic and apply the specified network parameters (a.k.a. impairments) to each frame at full line rate - regardless of packet size. This is critical when you are looking for precision and accuracy in either performance analysis or root-cause analysis as even the slightest added delay can cause additional, and unwanted, impairments.

With GigaNet Systems' emulators as an integral part of your testing, you can have 100% confidence that your solution will perform as expected, when expected. With better testing you get better reliability. With better reliability you get better products.

Can your competitors say as much?

VirtualNet GE - 1G Ethernet Network Emulator

VirtualNet XG - 10G Ethernet Network Emulator

VirtualSAN - Fibre Channel
SAN Emulator
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